On COVID19 and community

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Greetings Fellow Earthlings…

What a week?!

If you are anything like us then no doubt you have faced a roller coaster of emotions over the last several days. One second things are chugging along per usual and the next everything is completely up in the air. This coronavirus is no joke!

As cliché’ as I know this can sound in times like these – the truth is that the thoughts and prayers of our team genuinely are with those who are being affected most dramatically by the negative health and economic consequences of this pandemic. But in the middle of all this uncertainty, we here at Storyteller Overland would like to take a moment here with you to see if we can help one another commit to choose joy by shifting our focus to a handful of simple observations that we believe can remain constant regardless of the shifting circumstances.

So here’s what we’re thinking…

1) First things first…USE Your Noggin!

While the world around us is feeling a little weird and so many people are processing through stress and anxiety over the unknown… let’s be grateful that we are all stronger and more in control than we may think! No matter what’s in the news cycle, or how “hunkered down” we are directed to be for a season, we still have the ability to choose to stay active – physically, mentally, spiritually active! Likewise, we can choose to fill our bodies with healthy foods, our minds with constructive thoughts, and our time with better habits. Yes… even though our daily routines are being temporarily disrupted, we still have the option to make these kinds of wise choices to keep our families and ourselves as safe, healthy, and happy as possible. With a bit of applied wisdom and the right mindset this virus is completely fightable… and the uncertainty that comes with it becomes entirely manageable! 

2) So you mean to tell me your neighbor’s into crossfit too…?! Who knew?!

While definitely inconvenient, if we will allow them to, then perhaps the major shut-downs, event cancellations, and “work from home” scenarios we are experiencing, will actually provide us with a quieter, less distracted environment to meaningfully re-connect and spend more quality time with our families and loved ones. With so many sports leagues on pause and TV shows and movies suspended, maybe we take our minds off of autopilot and find ourselves opening our eyes to our neighbors and the people around us. And who knows…? as we shift our awareness in this direction and choose to be present in the moment, regardless of the circumstances, we may just discover that opportunity for real community is actually thriving all around us… we just haven’t been paying it the right kind of attention!

3) Just remember it’s “Social Distancing”… not solitary confinement!

While social distancing may be the needful course of action to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus at this unique moment in time, the fact remains that real community is still as necessary and vital as it’s ever been… if not even more so. So be intentional to look beyond just yourself and the needs of your immediate family. Make full use of the technologies available to you to transcend the distance and check in on those you care about… especially those who may be at greater risk, or who are simply more inclined to view the glass as half empty in challenging times like this. A kind word of encouragement whether it is spoken across a fence post or a social media post may be exactly what it takes to help someone else overcome the feelings of fear and isolation that could easily set in if the effects of this virus linger longer than any of us would like. We are all in this together…!

4) So why not go out and take up slack lining? …No really!

With all the ever-changing headlines streaming across your screen, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Spring has already sprung! We’re already seeing the sun shining through more regularly as temperatures continue to warm and life begins to flourish all around us. These are brilliant and wonderful things that we too often take for granted in the course of our hectic, busy, over-committed lifestyles and daily routines. The outdoors are always available to us, so let’s use this time to enjoy them! Choose to get out in nature and refresh your curiosity, recharge your batteries, and renew your mind with good things! If travel is an option in your area, crank up your MODE4x4 or grab your mountain bike and head to the park, or the trail, or the lake, or to that secret place you like to escape to but never seem to have time for.

5) We know some of you are really getting punched in the throat right now…

It’s hard to say at this point, but it seems like some of the largest and most far reaching reverberations of the coronavirus pandemic are most likely not from the virus itself… but from the social, cultural, and economic impacts that will accompany our society’s attempt to fight it off. “Social Distancing” while hopefully effective in shutting down the spread of the virus, also has unintended but potentially chilling consequences in halting the normal flow of cash through the economy. This could have a particularly devastating affect on small, locally owned businesses in our backyard communities (i.e. the coffee shops, restaurants, barbers… you name it?! that we all love and benefit from). As we are less mobile out of necessity in the coming weeks, let’s all commit to being hyper-intentional by
voting with our dollars on how and where we purchase the things we need. Whenever and however possible let’s support our small and locally owned businesses whose doors we will want to remain open and continue to welcome us when life gets back to “normal”. And even beyond that, if you know an individual or family whose income has been cut dramatically or completely as a result of this scare… then let’s commit to doing what we can to help one another out! If you are blessed with extra then find ways to share with those who may be lacking. We will all get through this together, but the actions we take and the decisions we make individually and collectively in this time will determine what the world looks like on the other side. Remember… It’s never “Just Business” It’s Always Personal!!!

And Finally – We want you to know we are here for you now… and down the Road!

As it relates specifically to our day to day operations here at our core business, we want you to know that we are working very closely with our dealers and vendors and doing our absolute best to keep expectations met, while at the same time prioritizing the safety, health, and well-being of our people and their families. For now, while we are still running full steam ahead at our Storyteller Overland Intergalactic Headquarters building vans and taking names… alas for the safety of our team we are not currently making appointments or accepting any visitors to our shop.

But regardless, our entire team is still available and accessible to you online
at, via instagram and facebook groups, or via email at So don’t hesitate to continue to reach out to us for any sales, technical, warranty, or community support needs you may have across the board.

Thank You…!

Thank you all for taking time to share this moment and these thoughts with us. We are all on this journey together, come what may. But through it all, in the best of times or worst of times, we at Storyteller Overland are beyond grateful to have each of you as members of our extended family and community. With one another’s support we will not only make it through this curious season… together we can help demonstrate what real community is all about and help ensure that others thrive through it as well!

Jeffrey Hunter, CEO
on behalf of the entire Storyteller Overland Team 

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