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Our 2023 MODE Lineup​





We’re all in this adventure together! 

Each Storyteller Overland van is a masterpiece of an entire community: hundreds of people working together through an industry fraught with supply chain issues and delays. Sometimes, this means getting creative. We have a new announcement - read more at the link below. 


No matter how epic your adventures, you and your crew can travel in comfort and with peace of mind knowing that the onboard systems of every Storyteller Overland vehicle were carefully designed and tested to meet and exceed all relevant FMVSS, DOT, and NHTSA safety regulations. Every MODE 4Ă—4 also complies with the rigorous RVIA certification process and related OEM bodybuilder standards.


Enjoy the ease of thoughtful, streamlined, intuitive design that allows you to effortlessly shift into whatever MODE of adventure you choose with the fewest hassles possible.


At its heart, the Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 is expertly crafted to provide you and your crew with endless hours of fun, and many years of pure enjoyment out on the open road… and beyond.


Whether you are road-tripping across the country with your family, camping off-grid with your crew, flying solo for a quick “urban adventure,” or just on a grocery store run…the MODE 4×4 is your ideal getaway vehicle to cover all aspects of a life that’s being lived to the fullest.


The on-demand 4WD capabilities of the rugged Sprinter 4×4 chassis can help carry you further than any traditional RV would ever dare. The 12kWh M-Power™ Energy Storage System (powered by Volta) will keep you off-grid for longer without the noise and hassles of a generator. And, the premium quality craftsmanship and resilient materials incorporated throughout every aspect of your MODE 4×4 can endure just about anything you can put it through.


Ensuring stellar user experiences for all of our MODElifers out on the open road and beyond means everything to us here at Storyteller Overland. So with that in mind, we are proud to have our MODElife Owner resources page. This user-friendly, on-demand tool is designed to keep you directly connected to our expert team of expert technicians and customer service reps for all your tech support and warranty needs. It also provides 24/7 access to the most up-to-date tips, tricks, and resources to enhance your ownership experience. Our goal is to keep you and your vehicle Ready to Go Live Free, Explore Endlessly, and Tell Better Stories!


We have dozens of dealer partners all over the
country who each offer no haggle, see-through pricing.

Connect with your nearest dealer and find your MODE!

We have dozens of dealer partners all over the country who each offer no haggle, see-through pricing.

Connect with your nearest dealer and find your MODE!

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