Meet the NVADER.

Everything that doesn’t fit in your van goes on this rack.

Storyteller Overland NVADER rack with a beach scene in the background.
The best way to keep your van neat and tidy is to stow away some of your gear on your rear doors.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that our NVADER Rear Doors Storage Solution, which was previously only available with purchase of a Stealth MODE, is now live on the Flarespace website!

Maybe you want the Adventure Setup, which means you mount a spare tire, a shovel and ax combo locker, Rotopax, and a cargo box to your NVADER. Or maybe you’re an avid cyclist and need to fit up to four bikes to the rack using 1Up bike racks. Whatever you need to stow away, the NVADER is infinitely capable to fit your lifestyle.

Designing the NVADER: Behind the scenes

Brent Lang and his team at Storyteller spent more than six months designing the NVADER rack. Their goal was to take advantage of the mounts that already existed within the shipping industry and design a grid system that could adapt to almost anything.

The great thing about the NVADER is that it has an infinitely capable E-track system, and you can find a way to mount almost any type of gear to it.

“Let’s say you buy a new boogie board or something and need to strap it down,” Brent said. “You could probably shop online or even go to a truck stop and they would probably have a ratchet strap there that has that E-track or X-track fitting. It’s a choose your own adventure kind of thing.”

The holes in the NVADER are also designed to work with a standard 1/4"-20 carriage bolt, which can easily be found at any home improvement store.

Not only does this help you mount more things to your NVADER, it also makes it easier. After adding carriage bolts onto the backside of whatever you’re mounting, you can just slide those bolts into any of the holes on the NVADER rack, and the rack will hold those bolts in place. Then you can tighten the bolts without needing to use a wrench.

The rack isn’t just a simple plate, Brent said – the sides fold down, making it look more like origami. This increases the NVADER’s structural rigidity.

“They’re really high tolerance,” Brent said. “And it’s made from one piece. It’s not easy to make.”

See the NVADER in action

When Emily Pan drove away in her brand-new Storyteller Stealth MODE, it didn’t take her long to realize she had way too much stuff crammed into a 20-foot van.

She downsized – a lot – but getting rid of the clutter in her garage space was still a challenge. She mounted a storage box onto her NVADER, and finally, her 100-pound dog Kuma had enough space to sleep in the garage.
“Having a storage box on the back of my van got so much stuff out of my garage,” she said. “I put my chair, my carpet, and all of my cables in it.”

She was so excited about her NVADER Rear Doors Solution that she made a before and after video (above right). Check it out!


  1. Will the NVADER interfere with my van’s parking assist? No, you can install the NVADER without making any modifications, and it won’t make your parking assist beep at you every time you throw it in reverse.
  2. What’s the weight capacity? 100 pounds on each panel.
  3. What model years are compatible with the NVADER? The NVADER fits 2019 through current model year Mercedes-Benz Sprinters (it must have the 180 degree door hinges)

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