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How do I buy a MODE 4x4?

We have worked hard to build an AMAZING network of dealer partners  through the country  that you can partner with to start your journey  in a MODE 4×4! Take a look to see who’s closest to you here!

Do you do any custom builds or alterations on your build?

There are an infinite number of ways that you can customize your MODE 4×4 after purchase, but we leave that up to you! We work really hard to make sure that every build is at a master level of craftsmanship, so we keep our attention there rather than on custom work.

Stay tuned for a line of accessories coming for the MODE 4×4 that will help you customize your experience further!

Can I tour the Storyteller Overland Headquarters?

Absolutely! We love seeing friends! But we’re also busy building your next adventure van, so a heads up will help us out! Click here to contact us to get set up with an appointment so we have someone available to show you around.

Is the MODE 4x4 available in my country?

The MODE 4×4 is currently only available in the United States.

In the Beginning

Before there was a van… Before there was a warehouse… There was a group of people that believed that adventure should belong to everybody. And THAT is the secret sauce at Storyteller Overland.

Our Story

We’re all about good stories and great people at Storyteller Overland. If you’d like to know more about how we got started and what drives us, click below for more of the story on our people and our vision!

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