Tour our vans in person at

Adventure Van Expo!

Tour our vans in person at

Leadville 100 MTB!


You're Invited to Leadville 100 MTB!

Next stop on the tour:

Leadville, CO  |  August 10-11

Topsfield, MA

Adventure Van Expo

July 29-30

Come tour our decked out Sprinter and Transit camper vans in Leadville! This is your chance to step inside Storyteller Overland's fully air conditioned adventure vans, check out our foldaway shower system, and get all of your vanlife questions answered by a member of our crew.

And if you're ready to buy, we'll hook you up with a local dealership. FYI, we have in-stock units all over the country, which means you can start your adventure with NO LINE, NO WAITING, NO LIMITS!

Meet our stellar No Gravity Tour team!

Tim Morgan

A.k.a. Captain Morgan. Known for his handlebar moustache and Captain Morgan tattoo, you can chill with Tim in his decked-out Stealth MODE while he answers all of your Storyteller Overland-related questions.

Tanner Carroll

a.k.a. Hot Sauce. If you ever can't find the Storyteller Overland booth, just look for Hot Sauce's red hair — you can spot it from a mile away.

Jordan Strong

a.k.a. JStrong. Nominated for "Best Smile" in high school, our tour coordinator will instantly feel like your new best friend.

Thor Audiss

Our resident professional cyclist (and VP of Marketing). When he's not getting KOMs on Strava, he's hanging out in Colorado with his wife, Amy, and their dog, Harley.

Ingrid Ellis

A.k.a. Iggy. She loves cinnamon rolls almost as much as she loves adventure vans. If you challenge her to a dance-off, she'll accept 100% of the time.

Evan Batky

Evan is an asset to the team — he loves working out, so we make him carry everything. If you want him in your good graces, Chipotle is the way to his heart.

Tori Riddle

Look for her behind the camera. And if you're impressed by our t-shirts or the No Gravity themed tour van, let her know! She's the one who designed it all ;)

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