A Christmas Storyteller

This Storyteller Overland holiday special tells the story of a gentle giant known as Sasquatch, who stumbles upon a family wrapped in the enchantment of togetherness. 

DEC. 15, 2023

Once upon a time, in the heart of a magical forest, there lived a gentle giant known as Sasquatch. His enormous feet carried him through the towering trees as he journeyed along, the leaves crunching softly below his footsteps.

One day, as Sasquatch ambled through the woods, an interesting sound reached his ears. The tinkling of joyous laughter and the warmth of merriment beckoned him toward a clearing. With curiosity stopping him in his tracks, Sasquatch discovered a family wrapped in the enchantment of togetherness.

The family had gathered around a campfire, where children’s laughter echoed in the forest. Two camper vans and an adventure truck adorned with festive Christmas decorations completed the holiday scene.

As the family withdrew into their cozy RVs, Sasquatch decided to explore the campsite, feeling curious and a little hungry.

The giant picked up a guitar and shook it, wondering how the humans had used it just a few minutes ago to make such a melodious noise. He then observed the Christmas tree, and confused by the decorations, he haphazardly threw the ornaments onto the ground. Finally, he stumbled upon a polaroid camera and accidentally captured a selfie, the sudden flash blinding him for a moment.

Just then, the family reemerged from their adventure vehicles. Gasps escaped the children's wide-open mouths, freezing everyone like statues.

Undeterred, Sasquatch bent down, approaching one of the children. To his astonishment, the child offered him a cookie, a sweet gesture that melted the ice of fear.

And just like that, Sasquatch became a part of the family, the flames flickering with newfound camaraderie. Smiles adorned each face as they gathered around the fire, roasting marshmallows—though, alas, Sasquatch accidentally let his catch fire!

Amidst the crackling warmth, a distant rumble echoed through the night. Lo and behold, Santa Claus arrived on a motorcycle, his sleigh traded for the roar of the engine. With a hearty "ho, ho, ho," Santa distributed presents, spreading holiday cheer around the enchanted gathering. To Sasquatch’s surprise, Santa even had a gift with his name on it.

The forest folk, now one big, joyous family, gathered around Santa as the night came to a close. The magic of the season had transformed a solitary giant into a cherished member of their holiday celebration, proving that in the heart of the forest, even the most unlikely creatures could find love and warmth.

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