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This van changed my life
"It’s any excuse I have to be in the van, you know? Even when I look at it sitting there in my driveway, it’s silently speaking to me saying, ‘Why am I sitting here? Let’s go!'”
– Jay Terrado
Making the switch
"I spent a lot of money on my Revel basically trying to make it have the same functionality that these Storytellers now have right from the factory.”
– Talon Sei
Perfect Van for Dogs
"The fact that my roof air conditioner can run for 12 hours is so amazing. Not only am I super comfortable in my van, but I also know my dogs are really safe.
– Emma Walsmith

It’s More Than A Van. It’s A Way Of Life.

We’re ready when you are so LET'S GO!

  • 2) QUALITY CHECKS + Inspections
  • 4) adventure mode

Storyteller Overland procures Sprinter chassis directly from Mercedes, conducting immediate inspections upon arrival to detect any transportation damages or factory defects. Once approved, these units begin their Storyteller journey.

“It’s not made of plastic!” We’ve chosen the best platform available, and everything we add in is the highest quality we can find, while still keeping the van within your price range.

The MODE undergoes a meticulous and proven build process at STO HQ. Each station focuses on a distinct area of expertise, constantly seeking opportunities to refine and elevate our build process. Quality checks and inspections are conducted at every stage of the build to guarantee that your vehicle represents the highest standard of adventure van excellence.

Our Quality Control Specialists rigorously examine and inspect over 250+ elements of your MODE. Any components that fall below STO's standards of excellence are flagged for rework to guarantee that all functions of your van are in perfect working order upon delivery. 

Our fleet services team details your MODE and conducts additional checklists and evaluations to guarantee that no detail is overlooked, ensuring that your shipped vehicle arrives in impeccable condition at your local authorized STO dealer.

See-through pricing model unlike anything in the industry.

Every Storyteller MODE complies with the rigorous RVIA certification process and related OEM bodybuilder standards. This makes it easier for you to insure your vehicle for the full build cost (not just the cost of the empty cargo van) and makes it easier for you to finance your van with an up to 20-year financing. 

Upon delivery to the dealer, another inspection of your new MODE van takes place. You can purchase these vehicles at our see-thru pricing across the US, regardless of city or state. This leads to a smoother and faster delivery of your new adventure rig with a no-haggle purchasing process.

Classic MODE


Mystic MODE


Stealth MODE


Beast MODE


From step one, Storyteller Overland makes the buying process simple and easy. Opting into MODE-life means you have a built-in community of friends on the road. Our active owner community hosts regular meetups and overlanding courses. With over 2000 MODEs on the road, you're guaranteed to have an adventure buddy wherever you go. 

Customize your MODE to reflect your unique style! Personalize every aspect according to your preferences and specific requirements. Should you require service while on the road, simply visit your nearest authorized service center or come see us at the Intergalactic HQ in Birmingham, AL, allowing you to spend more time enjoying life's greatest adventures. 

Embrace the next chapter of your journey to Live Free, Explore Endlessly and Tell Better Stories.

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Yes, this 20-ft camper van has a bathroom.
But it’s modular. Why? Because we believe showers only take up 2-5 minutes of your day, so why should it steal so much room from your cab? The shower folds up into your cabinet, and your portable cassette toilet is stowed in the shower pan.
Modular furniture to fit your lifestyle.
The GrooveLounge convertible sleeper sofa can be a twin bed, a couch, seating for four, a place to strap in your baby's car seat, and so much more. The Dreamweaver bed folds up into the wall so you can stand tall in your garage space.

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