Happy Independence Day, Storytellers!

It has been an absolutely brilliant year here at Storyteller, and we have you all to thank for that!

Since last 4th of July when our friends Justin & Liz Pane helped introduce us all to “mindfulness in motion” with the launch of the Stealth MODE, and the Beast MODE was officially released into the wild as our good friend, Jillian Rebekah, took it out to help test the boundaries on trails all across the Western US; our Storyteller community has grown exponentially.

We can’t even begin to express how grateful we are that so many people are seeing the value in the kind of products, company, and opportunities we are building together here at Storyteller and are choosing to opt into this way of life with us! It has been so rewarding to follow along with your stories and adventures and see folks from all backgrounds and walks of life coming together to forge new friendships, share amazing experiences, embark on entirely new life journeys, and through it, all constantly encourage one another towards a kinder, more joyful, and interconnected way of engaging the world around us.

Through all of this, we are deeply humbled and constantly inspired by your passion for life… and we want to do all we can to return the favor by continuing to inspire and equip our growing community with the proper gear, resources, and mindset to Live Free, Explore Endlessly, and Tell Better Stories!

So without further ado…

We know you all have been eager to hear what’s new for the 2022 MODE Adventure Van line-up. And truth be told, we also know you may have been at least a little bit anxious to learn what the latest pricing is going to be for the 2022s as pre-order wait times continue to expand out over the vanishing point. So let’s dive into it.

Today we are celebrating freedom and going live with announcements of a brand new addition to the full MODE Adventure Van product range, as well as giving a few glimpses into some of the newly enhanced chassis and house features for the existing Classic, Stealth, & Beast MODE range. While we are not yet revealing ALL of the exciting new features for the 2022 year model, one thing we can make abundantly clear is that everything you have already come to know and love about the MODE’s floorplan and feature set will remain perfectly intact for the 2022 models – but with quite a few new innovations and upgrades to the overall experience. Simply put, if you have liked what our designers, engineers, and craftsmen have done with the MODE line up to date, we can pretty much guarantee you will freakin’ love it moving forward. 😊

As for pricing… We absolutely hate price increases as much as you do! Through this twisted season of “supply chain disruption” and core inflation, we are receiving price increases from our vendors on a near-daily basis. With demand so strong throughout our industry we have noticed quite a few manufacturers being seduced (if not forced) into radically raising the prices on their products and vehicles – largely because if demand is so high then “Why not?”. For us this “everybody else is why can’t we?” approach to raising prices was simply not a satisfying way of dealing with the situation at hand. It is still one of our principal goals and values as a company to help ensure that our premium products are available and accessible to as many people as possible. So as we have pondered pricing for the 2022 lineup, we fought in every way to absorb as much as we possibly can to keep the price increases for the new model year as moderate as possible – all while continuing to bring new and exciting features to the line-up.

Ultimately, I believe we have landed on a reasonable path with pricing that acknowledges the reality of higher costs across the board but holds true to our promise to deliver full value no matter what. The pricing outlined on our newly updated website will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise to many, as our price increases are significantly less than some had feared and speculated on multiple online forums in recent months. For us, this is in fact our first real price increase for the MODE in nearly 3 years and still holds true to our overarching promise that no matter what, your MODE (or any product you receive from us) should be worth every penny of every dime of every dollar that anyone pays for it… And furthermore, we believe it should be worth every second of every minute of every day that anyone has to wait for it. That simple mindset of being fair and treating others the way we would want to be treated is what helps drive us towards excellence, and we want that to continue to show up in every aspect of your experiences with our products and people moving forward.

In any event, enough about dollars and sense… we know you are curious to find out what’s new and what’s next, so please check out the exciting new MODE LT launch videos and visit our updated website for details on upgrades to the current MODE line-up.

Thanks to you all out there in our growing Storyteller and MODElife community, these are truly exciting times! Over the course of this past year, you all have made our lives, our jobs, and our community so rewarding. And we wholeheartedly believe that the best is yet to come… as we all continue to listen, learn, grow, and improve together!

Thank you all for being who you are! Good Vibes to Everyone and as Always Cheers to the Road Ahead!

-Jeffrey and the entire Storyteller Family!

If you think all of these announcements are cool… just wait until you hear what’s coming next. Here’s a hint : Storyteller is going global.