Storyteller Overland Reenergizes its Industry-leading MODE Adventure Van Lineup for 2024

This lineup has more power. It has more durable and lightweight materials (a.k.a. more carrying capacity). It has a more comfortable mattress for a better night’s sleep. And it has more color options, including a color we've never built on before. 

OCT. 3, 2023
HILT Adventure Truck by Storyteller Overland and Global Expedition Vehicles
Storyteller Overland, the authentic adventure lifestyle brand from Birmingham, Alabama, has officially unveiled its compelling list of new features and upgrades for its industry-leading MODE Class B RV adventure van lineup.

Since its original launch back in 2018, Storyteller has always been widely regarded as a forward-thinking pioneer in the RV industry for its best-in-class technology partnerships and early adoption of sustainable, off-grid energy systems. The 2024 MODE lineup not only continues in this tradition, but it carries it further with the introduction of an even more robust M-Power™ Energy System (Now Powered By Lithionics®) to extend the range and further enhance the experiences of its growing community of adventurers and digital nomads everywhere.
The ever-popular Classic MODE will now come standard with a single lithium-ion battery version of the new M-Power™ system which will provide a similar range of output to all previous generation MODEs; but with the introduction of a new 16.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion dual battery system, owners of the Stealth, Beast, and all-new Mystic MODEs will receive a significant boost to their off-grid adventures with the ability to run their onboard systems — like air conditioning, fridges, induction cooktops, microwaves, power outlets and more — for extended periods of time. Adding to this extended power range on all MODE trim levels is an innovative new alternator design that is capable of rapidly charging at lower RPMs, thereby ensuring efficient charging with faster replenish rates, and making high-idle scenarios a thing of the past.

In addition to reenergizing the M-Power™ system, the design and engineering teams at Storyteller have also reimagined quite a few interior elements to infuse lighter, more sustainable materials selections that add to the form, function, and beauty of the vehicle while also reducing weight and creating greater payload capacity. This not only enhances the MODEs durability but also boosts fuel efficiency, which is a win-win all the way around. And if that wasn’t enough, the leaner footprint of the thoughtfully redesigned galley now adds back valuable interior aisle space between the galley and the legendary GrooveLounge™.
With regards to creature comforts and enhanced experiences for its MODE owners, The Storyteller Overland team is always listening to and learning from its customers and community. That's why the 2024 MODE lineup comes with an all new premium bi-layer mattress for a softer, dreamier night's sleep. And while you are relaxing, you can now stay cozier on the road with the addition of Electric Assist Heat on the HVAC, which works hand in hand with the Rixen hydronic heating system for immediate warmth and comfort in colder climates. Rounding out these upgrades to its interior systems, Storyteller has also further refined its interior soft goods and bug screens to make them even easier to deploy and then stow away when they're not in use.
And no model year turnover would be complete without adding new features and fun to Storyteller’s flagship adventure van, The Beast MODE. This year, the Beast MODE leaps forward with a number of new interior and exterior features like the game-changing new 'MODEular' soft goods organization and storage system and the infinitely capable nVader™ Rack System by Flarespace® (which is now standard on all Stealth, Mystic, and Beast MODEs), making it a breeze to transport bikes, skis, MAXTRAX, and more. And last but definitely not least, All Beast MODEs will now ship with a large Owl Vans rear storage box, new Owl Vans side ladders, and custom Owl Vans driver’s and passenger side running boards.
As always, all of these stellar new features and upgrades to the MODE lineup will be offered through Storyteller’s nationwide dealer network with their exclusive See-Through™ No Haggle pricing. The Classic MODE retains its 2023 price of $181,321. Pricing for other models in the 2024 lineup is as follows: Stealth MODE ($199,743), All-New Mystic MODE ($199,743), and Beast MODE ($232,586).

In order to make room for the new 2024s, and to make adventure more accessible on the 2023s currently in dealer stock, Storyteller also announced the following See-Through™ price adjustments to its previous model year: Classic MODE ($178,429.91), Stealth MODE ($191,418.21), and Beast MODE ($221,408.00).

About Storyteller Overland
Storyteller Overland is a Birmingham, AL-based authentic adventure lifestyle brand with a strong, industry-leading presence and reputation for innovation in the burgeoning Class B RV and expedition vehicle manufacturing space. Founded in 2018 by a stellar team of custom vehicle manufacturing veterans and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, the company’s prime directive is to constantly inspire and equip its growing community of roadtrippers, vanlifers, overlanders, and nomads with the proper gear, resources and mindset to “Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories.” Along with its flagship MODE adventure vans and GXV HILT adventure trucks, Storyteller Overland offers a unique see-thru™ pricing model coupled with a style of customer service and community engagement that provides an unprecedented level of on-demand technical and warranty support for all of its owners out on the open road and beyond. For more information, visit or contact our Chief of Staff, Summer Trammell at

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