Storyteller Overland vs. Winnebago Revel?

Have the ultimate freedom to go all the places you've always dreamt with all the amenities you'll ever need. This is why Storyteller Overland is the best camper van for 2024.

  • Supportive Community

  • Relaxing Hot Shower

  • Temperature Controls

  • Warranty + RVIA Certified

  • Intuitive Modular Design

  • Pet Friendly

  • Impressive Battery System 

  • Nationwide Service Network



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See-through pricing model unlike anything in the industry.

No matter what dealership you go to anywhere in the country, you'll pay the same price for a Storyteller Overland adventure van. No haggling, no stress. 

This means you can pick up your van from your closest dealership instead of "shopping" around the country. You'll pay the same price for a Beast MODE in Alabama that you would in California.

So from step one, Storyteller Overland is the best camper van by making the buying process beneficial to the customer. 

High-quality build and materials.

“It’s not made of plastic!” “The quietest ride I’ve ever been on.” We’ve chosen the best platform available, and everything we add in is the highest quality we can find, while still keeping the van within your price range.

RVIA Certified.

Every Storyteller Overland camper van complies with the rigorous RVIA certification process and related OEM bodybuilder standards. This makes it easier for you to insure your vehicle for the full build cost (not just the cost of the empty cargo van) and makes it easier for you to finance your van with a 20-year RV loan. 


Take the whole crew with you.

Storyteller vans include enough crash-tested seatbelts for you + three passengers. Sleeping arrangements include a queen-size bed and a twin-size sleeper sofa.

Comfortable as home. 

Temperature regulation backed by the largest battery system in the country means ultimate freedom for you. Enjoy up to 12 hours of air conditioner or heat, or power 17 other ports and outlets so you can cook breakfast, watch TV, or charge whatever you need.

Modular furniture to fit your lifestyle.

The GrooveLounge convertible sleeper sofa can be a twin bed, a couch, seating for four, a place to strap in your baby's car seat, and so much more. The Dreamweaver bed folds up into the wall so you can stand tall in your garage space.

Yes, this 20-ft camper van has a bathroom.

But it’s modular. Why? Because we believe showers only take up 2-5 minutes of your day, so why should it steal so much room from your cab? The shower folds up into your cabinet, and your portable cassette toilet is stowed in the shower pan.

Nationwide service center.

We don't leave you high and dry once you roll off the lot in your new adventure van. Our nationwide network of service centers means you can get your van serviced at a dealership or service center near your home — don't worry about coming to us. As much as we love having our headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, we understand that's a little out of the way for some people.

A community of like-minded people.

Buying from Storyteller means you have a built-in community of friends on the road. Our community hosts regular meetups and overlanding courses, plus you can camp with other Storytellers at expos. Have a question about your new van? Post it in the MODELifers Facebook group and you'll have dozens of other owners rushing in to help. It's truly a community like no other.

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