It’s more than a van. It’s a way of life.

Storyteller Overland


Somewhere in the dash between “Once Upon a Time…” and “Happily Ever After…” beats the heart of every truly great story. At least the ones that are actually worth telling. That thread of suspense that stretches out between where you begin and where you may yet find yourself; The feeling of inspired wonder that balances on the edge of who you are and what you might become. That’s where the action is. That’s the real adventure. And that ladies and gentlemen is where Storyteller Overland comes in.

Storyteller Overland was born out of that spirit of grand adventure with a passion for equipping others to pursue meaningful experiences and live a life of discovery out on the open road and beyond. Forever chasing the sunset across the horizon, and celebrating the moments that familiarity fades away and you find yourself leaning into a brand new frontier.


Along that journey, largely out of necessity, the Storyteller Overland tribe has learned quite a few things about designing, upfitting, and kitting world class overland and vanlife vehicles. And we are now fully committed to equipping fellow explorers, adventurers, overlanders, roadtrippers, daydreamers, and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts alike with access to great gear, helpful resources, and a growing community of stellar people who are here to help you
Live free. Explore endlessly. Tell better stories.


“Great minds think alike”… “Birds of a feather flock together”… “Takes one to know one”… call it what you will, but having come from all backgrounds and walks of life our Storyteller tribe has been drawn together by the gravity of a shared passion for the fine art of getting there from here. We are custom car guys and gals, we are artists and artisans, experienced designers and engineers, craftsmen and makers, outdoor adventurers and daydreamers, poets and troubadours, spontaneous roadtrippers and committed weekend warriors, passionate innovators and driven business people… but through it all we are unified for the common cause of doing life together and equipping others with the gear, info, and resources necessary to
Live free. Explore endlessly. Tell better stories.

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Live free. Explore endlessly. Tell better stories.