Advice for Girls

Storyteller Overland is proud to sponsor this feature-length ski film showcasing the collective experience of women in the ski industry.

Fourteen years ago, Addy Jacobsend was often the only girl in a ski group full of guys. On top of being a 10-year-old trying to figure out who she was, she also battled with competitiveness — she’d catch herself thinking she was better than the other girls, sending it harder than them, and feeling like there wasn’t space for another girl in her ski group.

“I felt like I was trying to be one of the boys to ski like the boys. I felt unsure about who I was supposed to be and what I could do.”

Now an adult, Addy wanted to write a poem to her younger self – something that would speak to young girls in the ski industry with the advice she would give the next generation of female skiers. She first shared her poem, called “Advice for Girls,” to TikTok last year, and her friends encouraged her to turn it into a film project.

That “little project” got bigger and bigger, even raising more than $47,000 on Kickstarter, and Storyteller Overland is proud to sponsor this feature-length ski film showcasing the collective experience of women in the ski industry.

“It spiraled in the best way possible into something much bigger,” Addy said. “I’m super passionate about creating space for as many women as possible. And paid opportunities for as many women as possible. So it just kept getting bigger and bigger, like ‘Let’s get this person involved, and let’s get this person involved!’ until this whole movie came to be.”
Photos by Bianca Germain and Katie Cooney.
With an all-female cast and production crew, the film follows athletes through their ski season as they share lessons they’ve learned and pass on advice to the next generation of female athletes.

Sara Robbins, a competitive skier who directed the film and who co-owns the indie production company The Road West Traveled, says the film felt like a “soul project.”

“Everyone who’s been involved I think has felt the same way,” Sara said. “We were able to approach it with so much excitement and so much grit and determination. It’s been serendipitous – everything we’ve needed has somehow found its way to us, and it’s been so awesome.”

Having a full-female production crew for a film is rare and might be something that’s never been done for a ski film, Sara said. They ensured that every athlete and member of the crew was paid equally, something else “the ski industry doesn’t always get right,” Sara said.
Hunter and Hannah went on a road trip with their parents, borrowing a Storyteller Overland adventure van.
Photo by Katie Cooney.
Throughout filming, the lines of Addy’s poem guided their purpose and values, such as “Help out other girls,” “Push each other to improve,” and “Be loud and confident.”
“We created a really amazing space where we were able to communicate our feelings and ideas and be heard,” Addy said. “We all feel really connected now through this process. I think it just shows the power of getting women together and what we’re capable of. It was the most amazing experience and created lifelong friendships.”

The group was able to use a Storyteller Overland Classic MODE for a few weeks during filming, which Addy said was the perfect home base when out on the slopes.

“I love how Storyteller Overland was excited to support women and jumped on this project so quickly,” Addy said. “People like Storyteller who believe in what we’re doing, that means a lot to us.”

Amy Sibert, who is Creative Director at Storyteller Overland and who spearheaded the partnership with the Advice for Girls film, reflects a lot of the experiences Addy has also mentioned. You’ll often find Amy on her gravel or mountain bikes in Colorado keeping up with the guys and seeking out other strong women to join their group.

“Storyteller Overland is passionate about making a life of grand adventure more accessible to everyone,” Amy said. “When we heard Addy’s poem and saw how she was inspiring young girls to feel more confident in outdoor sports, we knew the Advice for Girls film was a perfect match for Storyteller.

“We can’t wait to see the finished film this fall and hope you’ll check it out at an independent theater near you!”

Advice for Girls

by Addy Jacobsend

Be loud and confident
Show them what you’re capable of

Stop saying sorry and start saying
“Don’t underestimate me!”

Wear makeup and take selfies

Wear black on black or pink and teal
or both or neither
and wear your hair the way that you like it

Help out other girls
Push each other to improve

Be vocal about things that need change
and fight for representation

Stop pushing yourself too far and start saying “I need a break.”

Never ignore your gut feeling trying to impress others
but don’t put limits on yourself –

Because girl, you are capable of
so much more than you think.

The film will have a tour planned throughout the Western US and on the East Coast, with a premiere planned for Park City, Utah, on Oct. 21.

Get your tickets at the link below!

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