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MAY 23, 2024

At Storyteller Overland, we are committed to building adventure vehicles that make travel more accessible to any adventure seeker looking to live free, explore endlessly and tell better stories. Our floorplan designs are crafted with a commitment to blending top-notch quality, innovation, and flexibility to accommodate any journey you may find yourself on. So the question is, which MODE is the right mode of adventure for you? Below, we will dig into the MODE OG floorplan and the latest addition to our lineup, the MODE XO. 


“Our design & engineering team took the feedback for what was already brilliant about the MODE OG and fine-tuned it to make our line-up more accessible to a broader audience. The result is a floorplan that is perhaps a bit more mainstream, but is definitely still a Storyteller through and through with regards to attention to detail, quality, and overall vibe!” 

- Jeffrey Hunter, 

Founder/CEO Storyteller Overland

Let’s start with the similarities between the MODE OG and the MODE XO. Both MODEs are built on the Mercedes Benz 144” wheelbase chassis with a high roof and feature the M-Power™ System (Powered by Lithionics®). Both the OG and XO offer fit and finish that provide a comfortable, reliable and quiet roadtrip. The M-Power™ System and diesel fueled heater make both the OG and XO comfortable no matter the weather and provide a safe space for your four legged friends to relax while you are away from your vehicle. Additional similarities include: 
  • DreamWeaver™ Bed/Convertible Work Surface
  • Portable Induction Cooktop
  • Stainless Steel Sink with Folding Faucet
  • Dual Voltage Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Exterior Fold Down Table
  • Stainless Steel Microwave  
  • Removable Upper Cabinetry
  • Removable Dinette Table
  • Full Swivel Driver/Passenger Captain Seats
  • Roof Rack Space
  • Pet Friendly
  • Warranty + RVIA Certified
  • Supportive Community
  • Nationwide Service Network
The OG and XO are both adventure ready but where do they diverge in their floorplan design? Three key items are worth considering when choosing which MODE floorplan best suits your needs: bathroom, backseat and bed. 


The MODE OG boldly challenges the need for a structurally constant wet bath in an adventure vehicle by featuring Storyteller’s patented Halo Interior Shower System™ and FlexSpace™ Concealed Shower Pan. The result is a vanlife floorplan that allows for the interior shower and toilet to be put away when not in use, dramatically increasing the open, usable interior space of your home on wheels.

The MODE XO is the result of Storyteller listening to its ever-growing community of adventure enthusiasts. While the MODE OG floorplan was received with excitement and adopted quickly by a large constituency of vanlifers, the call for a Storyteller quality built vehicle featuring a full wet bath remained. The MODE XO features the BoomBox™ wet/dry bath and provides a multi-use closet space that allows Storyteller fans to enjoy the privacy of a full bath in their home on wheels. The BoomBox™ is strategically built to mitigate odor and moisture. 


The MODE OG floorplan features the revolutionary GrooveLounge™ 2-Seater Convertible Sofa. The GrooveLounge™ comfortably and safely accommodates two adults and/or child seats when in seat mode. As an uber modular seat, the GrooveLounge™ can also be configured as a sofa-inspired lounge or laid flat to offer a secondary bed in your home on wheels. 


The MODE XO floorplan brings to market the Electric Slide LoveSeat™ 2nd Row seating solution. Similar to the GrooveLounge™, the Electric Slide LoveSeat™ prioritizes safety and comfort, accommodating two adults and/or child seats. Need a little more space? The aisle seat easily slides, extending the seating space by an additional six & 1/2 inches and revealing two cup holders for the second row. Both the aisle and window seat are powered to allow each passenger control over their space. The LoveSeat™ is complimented by a powered sliding window and an easily accessible 12-volt wall outlet.



The MODE OG and the MODE XO both feature Storyteller’s Dreamweaver™ Bed/Convertible Work Surface. The Dreamweaver™ comfortably sleeps 1-2 adults and when not in use, the mattress easily folds up, revealing a large, standing height work surface. 

The MODE XO introduces a fold down step to facilitate climbing into bed after a long day’s adventure. When not in use, the step seamlessly disappears alongside the BoomBox™ on the driver's side of the house. 


At the core of our business, Storyteller remains ever dedicated to empowering adventurers of all ages and abilities to live free, explore endlessly and tell better stories. In the words of our VP of Design, Brent Lang, “The XO is essentially an evolution of what we have done and perfected here at Storyteller…both the OG and XO feature that Storyteller magic.” 

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