Storyteller Overland promotes Summer Rogers to Chief Communications Officer

In her new role as CCO, Summer will be overseeing all internal communications strategies across the entire Storyteller galaxy.

NOV. 8, 2023
Summer Rogers

Storyteller Overland, an industry leader in the class B RV and adventure lifestyle vehicle manufacturing space, is excited to announce the promotion of Summer Rogers to the newly created Chief Communications Officer position.

Summer began her career in 2014 at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International in Tuscaloosa, an 8-year tenure that was both data and people driven. Since joining the Storyteller Overland team in 2022, Summer has excelled in her position as Chief of Staff, creating greater alignment between all of Storyteller’s individual teams and operating companies, while also leading Storyteller's give-back initiative, the S.O.U.L. Program. 

In her new role as CCO, Summer will be overseeing all internal communications strategies across the entire Storyteller galaxy, which now has employees in every corner of the U.S.; and will also be partnering with Storyteller’s marketing and branding teams to further enhance ongoing community engagement and public relations initiatives for all brands.

“I want to make sure there is a common bond and constant thread of communication connecting people to all of the big projects within our galaxy,” Summer said.

“By rallying our teams and elevating the effectiveness of internal communication at Storyteller, the company in turn will be able to bring a more cohesive flow of information to all of the people it serves and partners with,” Summer said. This is especially important as the company continues to grow its ecosystem, diversify its product offerings, expand sales channels, and add more owners to its community.“

By helping us become more of a well-oiled machine, Storyteller will continue to phase out of startup mode and become more mature as a company, she said. “We’re still keeping our unique culture and strong emphasis on the health of our community, but we’re elevating and better aligning the processes to reach even more people.”

Storyteller Overland CEO Jeffrey Hunter often says, “Our best ideas and greatest opportunities are ahead of us, not behind us,” and Hunter said he is excited to see how the company and community scale to new heights under Summer’s leadership in her expanded role.

“Summer has a near clairvoyant ability to walk between the worlds of grand vision and great execution, all while helping others anticipate the steps necessary to make the right things happen. The true currency of Storyteller has always been the creativity of our ideas and the quality of our relationships. The key to excellence in all of this is maintaining stellar communication on all fronts. Summer just ‘gets it’… and helps others get it too.”

Summer was also recently named to RV PRO Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2023. Outside of work, she enjoys being Sous Chef in the kitchen with her husband, Eric, or hanging at the pool and lake with their four-year-old son, Hudson.

About Storyteller
Storyteller Overland is a Birmingham, AL-based authentic adventure lifestyle brand with a strong, industry-leading presence and reputation for innovation in the burgeoning Class B RV and expedition vehicle manufacturing space. Founded in 2018 by a stellar team of custom vehicle manufacturing veterans and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, the company’s prime directive is to constantly inspire and equip its growing community of roadtrippers, vanlifers, overlanders, and nomads with the proper gear, resources and mindset to “Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories.” Along with its flagship MODE adventure vans and GXV HILT adventure trucks, Storyteller Overland offers a unique see-thru™ pricing model coupled with a style of customer service and community engagement that provides an unprecedented level of on-demand technical and warranty support for all of its owners out on the open road and beyond. For more information, visit or contact our Chief Communications Officer, Summer Rogers at

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