The best all-season camper van

"The whole campground was dead silent as soon as the sun set because everyone was huddled inside of their tents, but we were having a great time in the van."

Linda Romero and her husband enjoying a Storyteller Overland Classic MODE
Linda Romero borrowed a Classic MODE from Storyteller and went on a trip with her husband and their baby. Photo credit Bearfoot Theory.
The Grand Canyon was covered in a blanket of snow. As the sun dropped below the horizon, the temperatures dropped too, getting closer and closer to freezing.

Linda, her husband and their baby were inside a Storyteller Overland van they had been borrowing.

“The whole campground was dead silent as soon as the sun set because everyone was huddled inside of their tents,” she said. “But we were having a great time in the van, happily cooking dinner and listening to music with the heater and the lights on. We were just so comfortable. In that moment, we were like, ‘Wow, we have got to get one of these.’”

Linda and her family have an old 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon that they currently use for travel, but it’s better for “fair weather trips” because it doesn’t have heating or much insulation, Linda said.

“This trip, we were able to go to some really cool places that we normally wouldn’t be able to go to this time of year because it was so cold,” she said. “The Storyteller allowed us to go to places in their off season.” For example, they got to experience the magic of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park in the snow for the first time.

Linda used her experience to write a blog post for Bearfoot Theory highlighting why she thinks the Storyteller MODE van might be the ultimate adventure vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts who want a van that’s ready to hit the road.

The blog features an extensive list of all of Storyteller’s best features, but Linda said her favorite feature is the climate control system.

“It just made it so comfortable,” she said. “After a cold snowy hike, we could just turn on the heater and get warm. In the evening, we were able to hop inside as the temperatures dropped, where we could cook dinner comfortably, feed the baby, and get her ready for bed. We all slept so well and it was so nice knowing the baby was comfortable and warm.”

Read Linda’s full review at the link below!

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