Last Chance! 

Get your 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter before they're gone

Starting in 2023, Mercedes is only building Sprinters on the all wheel drive platform.

We have a limited stock of adventure vans on the tried-and-true 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter. Get yours before they're gone!

Our vans are perfect for going off the beaten path, plus our 12 kwh battery system means you can stay for a while once you get to your destination.

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$12,000 manufacture rebate on all 4x4's

For a limited time – Now through June 20 only – we’re thrilled to be able to offer a

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Classic MODE

4x4 $175,887

Stealth MODE

4x4: $188,941

Beast MODE

4x4: $218,620

Take the whole crew with you.

Our vans include enough crash-tested seatbelts for you + three passengers. Sleeping arrangements include a queen-size bed and a twin-size sleeper sofa.

Stay comfortable

all day long.

Enjoy up to 12 hours of air conditioner or heat with our Volta Battery System. This battery also powers 17 other ports and outlets so you can cook breakfast, watch TV, or charge whatever you need.

Modular furniture to

fit your lifestyle.

The GrooveLounge convertible sleeper sofa can be a twin bed, a couch, seating for four, a place to strap in your baby's car seat, and so much more. The Dreamweaver bed folds up into the wall so you can stand tall in your garage space.

Yes, this 20-ft van

has a bathroom.

You just can't see it. Our HALO shower system folds up into your cabinet, and your portable cassette toilet is stowed in the FlexSpace under your GrooveLounge.


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For a limited time – Now through May 20 only – we’re thrilled to be able to offer a

$12,000 manufacture rebate

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$12,000 manufacture rebate

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