This RV is perfect for working remotely

To take your work on the road, you need a van with a layout that fits your needs, a battery system that doesn’t run out of power, and off road capabilities that take your mobile office to the next level.

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Talon Sei is off grid but online.

Traveling in his Storyteller Overland Classic MODE Sprinter van, he’s able to manage his video production business with the backdrops of vistas and canyons that are way more stunning than your typical pre-programmed video chat background. He works in the garage area, folding down half of his Murphy bed to create a work table, and edits videos that will be shared to his 546K loyal subscribers on Youtube.

There’s a reason why he chose a Storyteller Overland van for his mobile office: it’s the best camper van for digital nomads and remote workers. Here’s why.

1. The power system is the heart of everything.

Every Storyteller Overland van comes with the M-Power energy system, which provides all-day battery life for you to power any adventure. This adventure van battery system has enough energy to ditch the generator and the propane tanks and simply use the battery to run the air conditioner, fridge, microwave, cooktop, exhaust fan, 110 outlets…everything.

“What I do for work involves cameras, computers, and electronics in general,” Talon said. “Because the battery system is so large, I never have to worry about my computer dying. And on top of that, I can run the A/C or the heater. The power system really allows the van to be the perfect mobile office.”

A mobile battery or portable charger will get you by in a pinch so you can power your electronics, he said. But when your van is as comfortable as home, you have lights, climate control, a fridge… everything you need.

“You can work in your van all day without ever even thinking about power being an issue.”
Talon editing videos at an offgrid campsite in Utah. Photos by Talon Sei.

2. The layout is compatible with any mobile office setup.

The cargo area of Storyteller Overland vans is like a blank slate. It’s got an L-track in the floor ready for you to mount extra seating, bicycles, slide out trays and more. Plus, you can fold up the murphy bed into the wall to get it out of the way – or you can fold half down, remove the cushion, and use the space as a work table.

“The floor plan is what allows the van to be such a great place to work because it’s so open,” Talon said.

Talon installed the Canyon Adventure Vans GSS and CSS products, which allows him to sit at his bed-turned-desk with countertop seating.

Storyteller vans also come with a Lagun table next to the Groove Lounge, which is the sleeper sofa behind the driver’s seat. Talon prefers to use this area for eating, though. So even though his van is only 20-feet long, the ability to turn his sleeping area into a work area during the day gives Talon more livable space and a larger work table for editing video.

“I’ve worked in other vans before, and no layout is anywhere near as roomy and comfortable as the Storyteller,” he said.

It’s more than what’s inside of the van, though – it’s also what’s on top of your van.

Not every adventure van comes with a usable roof space. Since Storyteller van batteries are so powerful, though, we didn’t need to use the roof space for solar panels, which means it’s the perfect place to mount your wi-fi solution.
For Talon, that’s Starlink, which provides internet using a low-orbit satellite. This means Talon has wifi as long as his van can see the sky.

Talon mounts his Starlink to the roof with a mount, and he removes it when he’s not using it. There are other Starlink products that allow vanlifers to permanently mount it to the roof and can have fast wi-fi even when the van is in motion.

3. Off road capabilities take your mobile office to the next level.

In the photo at the top of this article, Talon is working in the middle of nowhere Utah.

“A lot of people see photos like that and think it’s staged,” he said. “It’s legit. I take the van to these awesome places because it’s capable of getting there, and while I’m there I can get some work done.”

He adds that he actually enjoys working, too – filming, editing, and doing it all from his Storyteller Overland van.

“Having 4WD or AWD really allows you to have some of the coolest work places you could ever imagine.”

Storyteller Overland is the perfect RV for digital nomads and people working remotely. Want to see one in person? Click the link below!

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