It’s More Than a Van. It’s a Way of Life!

It has been said that “Life’s greatest luxury is saying YES! to the next grand adventure.” Well we don’t believe that grand adventure should just be a luxury for the few… we believe it is essential for all who who hear the call of the wild and willingly pursue it.

So with that in mind we are excited to introduce you to the 2019 MODE4x4™ Adventure Van Series!

Before we jump right into the key features that make the MODE4x4™ the ultimate daily driver meets weekend warrior, go anywhere, do anything, ready at a moment’s notice, spontaneous road trip, or full time travel van for you and your crew: let’s take a minute to tour through some of the core values that drive the design and craftsmanship of each of our vehicles and make the MODE4x4™ so different than anything else you may have experienced out there.

We’re ready when you are so… Let’s Go!


No matter how epic your adventures, you and your crew can travel in comfort and peace of mind knowing that the on-board systems of the MODE4x4™ have been designed and fully tested to be compliant with all relevant FMVSS, DOT, NHTSA safety regulations and have been manufactured in accordance with the best practices of our industry to meet or exceed the rigorous RVIA certification process and related OEM body builder standards.


Enjoy the ease of thoughtful, uncluttered, intuitive design that allows you to effortlessly shift into whatever MODE of adventure you choose with the fewest hassles possible.


At its heart, the Storyteller Overland MODE4x4™ is expertly crafted to provide you and your crew with endless hours of fun, and many years of pure enjoyment out on the open road… and beyond.


Whether you are road tripping across the country with your family, camping off grid in the wild with your crew, or just flying solo for a quick “urban adventuring” grocery store run across town… The MODE4x4™ is your ideal getaway vehicle to flex between all aspects of a life fully lived.


The on-demand 4WD capabilities of the rugged MB Sprinter 4×4 chassis can help carry you farther than a traditional RV would ever dare to tread. The M-Power automotive grade lithium power system (powered by Volta) can keep you off grid for longer without the noise and hassles of a generator. And the premium quality craftsmanship and resilient materials incorporated throughout every aspect of your MODE4x4™ can endure just about anything you can ever put it through.


Ensuring stellar user experiences for all of our MODElifers out there on the open road and beyond means everything to us here at Storyteller Overland. So with that in mind we are proud to introduce our MODElife Customer Care App. This user friendly, on demand support tool is designed to keep you directly connected to our expert team of technicians and customer support reps for all your tech support and warranty needs; but it also provides you with 24/7 access to constantly updated tips, tricks, and resources to enhance your ownership experience. Our goal is to keep you and your vehicle Ready to Go and Live Free, Explore Endlessly, and Tell Better Stories!

Continue on to see the MODE 4×4 floor plan.

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